Ellen Bent - Compassionate Healer - Intuitive Advisor - Medium -

Compassionate Healing

Ellen experiences the love, kindness, sensitivity, and sympathy felt within others as if they were her own. She is a compassionate healer who recognizes and understands the suffering of others. Ellen works with each client in a selfless way toward helping to relieve their burdens. Her loving kindness moves the energies in a most powerful way towards healing. Ellen is devoted to this energy work. Her passion is in assisting others to heal and align with a healthier life direction in the best possible way.

Energy Healing Session

Ellen’s healing work is purely heart based in a most Sacred Space with the presence of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm, and other Divine Beings. Each session begins with a brief discussion regarding the client’s intention. Throughout the session, a sense of relaxation opens the channels for healing to begin. The client may sense a flow of energy, feel a physical warmth, and/or experience an energy release moving toward a healed state. With compassion and an open heart, Ellen will connect with Spirit to bring insight and healing. Your energy holds all your beliefs, both positive and negative. By clearing blocked energy channels, you move forward with ease into a path of emotional freedom. Releasing, fear, loss, guilt, and past unresolved experiences can help empower you to fulfill your goals and achieve a joy-filled life. Walking your path in a healed state empowers you to bring about the changes you desire. Your thoughts help create your future. The session closes by grounding your energy and balancing your chakras. It is important for you to be fully present in our physical space before leaving your session. Ellen has been trained and certified in many healing techniques including Reiki, Fire Reiki, IET, Magnified Healing, and a two year Shamanic Healing Practitioner Program.

Mediumship Session

Often with the loss of a loved one, the heart chakra needs healing. Your loved ones want you to heal and live a happy life. As a Medium, Ellen will bring you messages of love and support as she connects with your loved ones. She asks that you wait at least three months after a dear one has passed before calling them into your session. If you want to hear from a specific person, bring a photo, piece of jewelry or something personal to help bring in the desired energy. Great healing can come from the words Spirit channels through.

Intuitive Advisor Session

Ellen’s intuitive readings and heart-filled messages are known to encourage hope, inner strength, and courage to bring about change towards a more positive direction. Your future is created with your desires, beliefs and life lessons. All are required for your spiritual growth and empower you to step forward beyond boundaries to new beginnings. Together we will work to establish healthy beliefs in moving toward your goals, gain insight about a relationship or seek a spiritual direction. Ellen honors the responsibility she has received as one of her gifts in assisting others with spiritual guidance. Clients have experienced how she has helped to bring about emotional healing and insight. If you are new to the metaphysical realm, please come with questions. Spiritual discussions are always welcome and broaden perspectives as well.

**ALL services and information offered on this website are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment or advice.

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